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 Canaccord Genuity Corp.

Investment Counselling Program

Canaccord Genuity's Investment Counselling Program (ICP) provides discretionary money management from world-class portfolio managers with diverse styles and investment mandates, and can be suitable for our more passive clients. Here are some ICP managers we would like to highlight:

CG ETF Capital Appreciation 

This portfolio is built around a long term policy allocation that will normally be invested 20% in fixed income securities and 80% in equities in the form of ETFs. It is well diversified across all asset classes and by geography. The manager selects best of breed ETFs for each asset class and uses a dynamic allocation process to generate excess returns and control risk by under & overweighting asset classes in the portfolio.




Global Guardian Fundamental Balanced 

This mandate is comprised of a combination of Guardian Fundamental Global Equity and Guardian Fixed Income Core mandates. The Global Equiy product is a concentrated long-only strategy with 20-25 high quality growth investments. Growth is achieved by investing in high quality securities that drive returns and provide protection in down markets. 




Connor Clark & Lunn Core Growth & Income 

The CC&L Core Income & Growth portfolio seeks to deliver an attractive and sustainable yield to investors in all markets, as well as capital growth to outpace inflation. Rather than focusing on a specific benchmark, the portfolio had broad ranges to pursue the best opportunities for attractive/sustainable yield and growth accross Dividend paying Canadian equities, Business Trusts, REITS and Corporate Bonds. 



Beutel Goodman American Equity 

 This mandate seeks long-term enhancement of capital primarily through the application of a highly disciplined value investing approach emphasizing capital preservation, and a focus on absolute return and risk. The mandate achieves this through investing in carefully researched common stocks and other equity securities issued by the U.S. based companies. 

Sentry Canadian Income

Sentry’s investment objective for the Canadian Income portfolio is to provide a consistent monthly income and capital appreciation by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of Canadian securities including equities, fixed-income instruments and real estate investment trusts (‘‘REITs’’). Portfolio managers begin constructing the Canadian Income portfolio by conducting indepth analysis of more than 200 securities, selecting names with high returns on equity and capital. The focus is always on underlying companies with the ability to generate steady cash flow to pay distributions. 





The information herein has been obtained from sources that CGWM believes to be reliable. However, CGWM does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness and is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Reported returns and analytics are calculated on a time-weighted basis, are gross of fees but net of transactions costs, and are annualized for periods of longer than 12 months, unless otherwise stated. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results