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 Canaccord Genuity Corp.

Our Process

The process to building your wealth and our commitment begins with gaining a deep understanding of you and your unique circumstances, so we can build customized strategies that speak to your needs. Our consultative approach hinges on finding the right fit for you, not fitting you into a particular solution.

Step 1 - Discovery Meeting

The discovery meeting allows us to identify what risk-reward ratio is suitable for you before personalizing all available strategies to your objectives.  Together, we will determine whether your style is active or passive, as well as the objectives, time horizon and other details that will guide us in developing your investment plan.

Active Clients vs. Passive Clients

Step 2 - Investment Plan Presentation

Once we have an understanding of your goals, we can construct a plan to bring them within reach. Beyond investments, your plan could also include insurance, estate planning, and tax mitigation strategies. We work with your network of specialists, as well as our in-house wealth and estate planning experts, to put your plan into action.

Step 3 - Regular Review

Regular progress review let us evaluate if our chosen strategies are moving you towards your goals. You can determine the frequency of these reviews and of our continued contact with you. Whether you are an active or passive client, we continuously monitor and evaluate changing capital markets, economic opportunities and company developments as they affect the risk-return expectations of the portfolio. If a chosen strategy is not working for you, we may recommend an alternative.

*Insurance and estate planning services offered by Canaccord Genuity Wealth & Estate Planning Services Ltd.


Private Investment Management

Russ is a licensed Portfolio Manager, a distinction awarded to those who have demonstrated the experience, expertise and knowledge to manage portfolios with a discretionary mandate.  Private investment management is suitable for investors who prefer to delegate the day-to-day monitoring or their investments to a qualified investment expert.

  • Benefits of Complete Canaccord Private Investment Management include:
  • Access to a complete range of investment solutions for a single asset-based fee
  • Diversified portfolios customized to your risk tolerance, time horizon and objectives
  • Ownership of the individual securities in your account
  • A disciplined approach guided by a mutually agreed-upon Investment Policy Statement
  • Consolidated performance reporting

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